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• Operation Ivy "Live from KSPC radio" LP

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'Live from KSPC Radio, Pomona, CA. March 17th, 1988 - FM Broadcast'. Operation Ivy's contribution to the history of US punk rock has never been in doubt. Not only did the band invent and define the entire ska-punk subgenre, but the line-up also featured Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, i.e. half of the members of one of the most successful punk bands ever: Rancid. This 14-track scorcher presents a killer set originally broadcast by KSPC radio in Pomona, CA, March 1988. Expect 'Junkies Running Dry', 'The Crowd' and more of the group's uncountable hits played live and raw! Skank to the beat!

01. Healthy Body Sick Mind
02. The Crowd
03. Junkies Runnin' Dry
04. Here We Go Again
05. Yellin' In My Ear
06. Cretin Hop
07. Bombshell
08. Old Friendships
09. Sleep Long
10. Hedgecore
11. Plea For Peace
12. I Got No
13. Hangin' Out
14. Left Behind