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• Dismember "Idecent & Obscene" CD

RM 75.00

Nuclear Blast

CD format.

Second Dismember album. Originally released in 1993. Nuclear Blast reissue, 2023! Dive into the sonic maelstrom of Dismember’s ‘Indecent & Obscene,’ a pinnacle of Swedish death metal that perfectly marries the genre’s primal ferocity with melodic intricacy. This album embodies the band’s unflinching spirit, serving up a soundscape that is as captivating as it is uncompromising.

Each track in ‘Indecent & Obscene’ showcases Dismember’s dynamic musicianship, featuring a cascade of punishing guitar work, thunderous basslines, and blistering drum patterns. The vocals deliver an unrelenting growl that intensifies the album’s ominous ambiance and furthers its stark narrative.

Dismember’s unique combination of savage brutality and melodic nuance on ‘Indecent & Obscene’ establishes it as a classic in the world of death metal. Its vivid compositions and confrontational lyrical themes ensure that it remains a must-listen for fans of the genre.