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• V/A "Links & Friends - More Rock Steady" LP

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Rock A Shaka

Black Vinyl.


Jamaica’s rare rock steady label “Links” was running for almost 2 years between 1967 to 1968. The “Links” label is very sough after with collectors & selectors especially with tracks like Ken Boothe’s “Can’t You See”, The Gaylads “Looking For A Girl” and ‘Mama Look” to name a few. The founder of the “Links” label Mr BB Seaton and original member of The Gaylads are one of the most important groups during the Ska and Rock Steady era. BB Seaton explains how the “Links” label came about at a time where artists could not earn fair payment from producers for their recordings. The Gaylads with Ken Boothe, The Melodians and Delroy Wilson joined forces and decided to control their own recordings from the exploitation of the producers. The four artists came together to manage and control the “Links” label to obtain all rights and share their profits. BB Seaton was the back bone in writing the songs and managing the productions/arrangements whilst the other artists gave all their talent to singing the tracks to their best performance. The tracks recorded for the “Links” label are prime examples of the finest rock steady music to come out of Jamaica ! The “Links” label was short run which sadly demised after 2 years due to unfortunate circumstances (all is revealed in Brian Keyo’s great liner notes!). This is the first album which compiles the “Links” output for the first time and we hope you enjoy the release. The “Links” album is recommended not only for rock steady collectors but all music lovers.