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• Balzac "Judgement Day" CD

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Its been already a year since BALZAC released their last album Paradox all over Europe, but Hirosuke and his bandmates are true diehards – just like the creatures they deal with in their songs and so there is a new album on the way: JUDGEMENT DAY, the title of the brand new album promises a lot of fear and destruction the way BALZAC fans love it  and its true! BALZAC return to their roots with singalong hooklines and fast pace drumming! But there is also improvement: The songs Blackened and Judgement Day present an increase of fierce guitar melodies, which will catch your ear in a second! The European release will also include 5 bonus tracks and is not available in japan in this form. So go and get your record if you dare to go on a ride with BALZAC!