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• Reverend Bizzare "Slave of Satan" 12"

RM 100.00

Svart Records

Now kids, THIS is fucking DOOM. A single 21-minute song, prefaced by an extended intro – namely, a ritualistic mocking of all things Christian. Fuck yeah. This is an epic, gut-wrenching journey into sludge, drums pounding slowly while the guitars grumble with mud-soaked fury. The vocals, rather than wailing or growling, are mostly a deep intoned semi-spoken oratory, lyrically poking fun at trying-too-hard devil worshipper kiddies. This isn't necessarily essential since the song also appears on their new album in a slightly shorter form, but since this has that extra 5 minutes, it's definitely a must-have for the band's fanatic fans. Me, I picked it up blindly and I'm impressed enough that I'll definitely be tracking down the full-length.