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66 pages black and white prints
Paperback cover

DINDING INI MILIK KAMI, is a zine that contains a collection of Bandung posters / flyers gig from 1997-2005. All of these posters are mostly personal files from Deden Erwin Suherman (Alternaive Label Distribution). But the process was done collectively by RUMAH KELINCI, a collective based in Bandung. What's interesting about seeing this zine, we can see how the gig transformation process and also the music community in Bandung.

There is even one poster where there is the name Peterpan who is a gig with Bandung underground bands in the GOR Saparua venue. Archives and documentation are important in the music scene, as important as the productivity of the indiviuals that took part in the scene. This zine gives us perspective and reflection on the importance of archiving and documentation is. Initial edition (DINDING INI MILIK KAMI # 1) only published 1997-2005 gig posters and limited to 50 copies only.