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• 偏執症者 (PARANOID) – Satyagraha Cassette

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In 2014, the Swedish powerhouse released a full LP titled Satyagraha, and it fucking rips. For fans of all things crust and d-beat, Paranoid will take you on a full-fledged assault to punker town. The band’s recent offering to the Gods consists of 28 minutes of reverbed vocals, raw guitars, and the most pissed off drummer on planet earth. If you’re looking for a brutal combination of past and present d-beat, then look no further than this record. Whether you’re the old guy at the bar with the Discharge tattoo, or the 14 year-old who just discovered punk, Paranoid will bring out your inner discontent. D-beat is an interesting genre, either you do it well, or you don’t. Paranoid, dare I say, have completely mastered the genre and everything from their tone to their album artwork embodies what it means to be in a d-beat band. There is no bullshit attached to this record – if you, or anyone you know considers themselves to have DIY ethics and care about the contemporary state of aggressive music, then Paranoid should frequent any and all playlists. If you like what you hear Paranoid has their own YouTube channel and they update it frequently update it with cover songs, live shows, and their original material. Lurk rad tunes, and rad live shows below and fucking rage!!