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• FOURTWNTY - Ego & Fungsi Otak CD

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The second album from Fourtwnty contains seven songs created by personnel, Ari Lesmana, Nuwi, and Roots. The vocalist said that the Ego & Fungsi Otak generally proves their maturity in music. Because, in the process of making Fourtwnty had raged with each other's ego war. Many things Fourtwnty talked about for lyrics on the album Ego & Fungsi Otak.

All about what they see and absorb from life. Starting to talk socially, nationalist, to the personnel's view of some young people's habits. Fourtwnty maturity also occurs in the music senses. They tried various developments in terms of arrangements for Ego & Fungsi Otak. Like the inclusion of drum and guitar instruments that are more pronounced on this album.