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• 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Easter Everywhere LP

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The Elevators’ second album, “Easter Everywhere” showed the band’s progression light years away from their first one but a year earlier. Indeed, they had transmuted beyond their Lightnin’ Hopkins’n’Hooker heated acid blues; delving further inward to the cosmic eye, mind and beyond.

“Easter Everywhere” is an album that exhibits group chemistry at its ultimate unification. The Elevators had already arrived at a place where they had the songs, lyrics AND feel to animate both into a consciousness-delving manner, but now they took their explorations even further out and beyond the crust, the mantle and the white-hot core of the psychedelic experience into a place where existence can be seen as an eternal dance: a play between time and space, of push and pull (it’s hard to describe without using the language it demands, but here goes) of the whole exchange of thingy-inny to thingy-outty and all that implies…of the spaces between yourself and your existence, as the rollicking rhythm that is life steams full on ahead into the future.