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• AIRPORTRADIO - Turun Dalam Rupa Cahaya CD / Selepas Pendar Nyalang Berbayang CD

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AIRPORTRADIO, a downtempo genre band intends to create a musical composition that is calm and low in nuance to support the feeling of loneliness, itself, while putting oneself in the shade of the soul. Unique to the Indonesian indie scene, Airportradio, a name chosen in reference to thesilent mumble one can experiment on an airstrip, has a mixture of trip-hop, post-rock, dreampop, dark-wave and downtempo influences and pays great attention to the quality of its recordings. 

Turun Dalam Rupa Cahaya CD
2009 release. First release by Airportradio. Sought after indie electro rock release from Yogyakarta.

Selepas Pendar Nyalang Barbayang CD

The downtempo/alternative band had been on hiatus for seven years in total, before finally coming together to create their latest album called “Selepas Pendar Nyalang Berbayang”. Released on 24 October 2018 through Demajors Independent Music Industry (DIMI), this becomes the second album from the band after debuting with “Turun Dalam Rupa Cahaya” in 2009.

The album is opened with a solid track called “Alpha Omega”, which exposes eariness and gloominess from the band. Spanning 9 tracks in total, “Selepas Pendar Nyalang Berbayang” is filled with songs in both English and Bahasa. Musically, this second album doesn’t drift away too much from their first one, signifying the consistant style in their music. The influences from various genres like post-punk, post-rock, jazz, experimental, electronic, and ambiance make this record unique to its own.