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• AMENRA - Alive Cassette

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In 2009, Amenra released the beautiful and fragile EP Afterlife, meant as a musical testament for future generations. The acoustic tracks that made up this EP showed a very different aspect of the band, but also proved that in any incarnation Amenra connects on a deeply emotional level with its audience. The acoustic album kept on lingering in the background, and it was only a matter of time for the band to revisit the acoustic approach of the EP. In 2014 Amenra again showed their most vulnerable side on different stages. This album collects live recordings of old and new acoustic renditions of Amenra tracks, but it also harbors the collaboration with Belgian poet Sofie Verdoodt and two bone chilling covers.

Cover art by Christoph Mencke.
Cover photography by Thomas Sweertvaegher.
Album design by Dehn Sora.
Edition of 100 cassettes housed in a deluxe cardstock case