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• Anjing Dub "Gembira" CD/Cassette

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Bandung musicians seem to never run out of ideas to provide a variety of fresh and catchy works for music lovers. This time, freshness comes from electronic reggae dub units, Anjing Dub. Anjing Dub is a dub / dubtronica project from Daniel Usman, reggae band personnel The Paps with Terranova from the experimental-rock band Spiritual Mammals. The duo unit whose name has been going back and forth since 2013 has just released their first album titled Gembira. We have been aware of the presence of Dog Dub since 2014 at Soundcloud, where they cover unique Jamaican music songs.

This album through a fairly short recording process, song material began to be recorded from October to November 2018 and entered the production process in December 2018. Excited contains 10 songs with a total duration of almost 30 minutes. Anjing Dub songs in Gembira are annoying, like punk music that is pleasant to hear. But, indeed that is what is considered enough by them to give the best to the public. The album, which was released in the form of a cassette tape and CD, collaborated with one of the Jamaican sound records from Bandung which is also known to often hold dub gigs in its city, namely Dub House Record.