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Based in Jakarta, it's a  home of cool & kick ass music, specializing in shoegaze/alternative indie pop/rock.

TEXPACK - Spin Your Wheels CD
CD with jewel case version

Debut album from this Indonesia Indie Rock band.
Bogor's Indierock unit, Texpack, released the first full album titled Spin Your Wheel. Formed since 2014, the quartet fronted by Afnan (vocals / guitar), Dimas (vocals / bass), Pian (Guitar) and Iqbal (Drum) under the auspices of Anoa Records had previously released their EP, Courageus on cassette and released by Tromagnon Records & Hujan Records. Spin Your Wheels contains 12 songs, with the main single "Gadog" released in early September for pre-order promo.

Spin Your Wheels was released mid-September 2019 and the liner notes were written by Alvi Iftikhar. For Alvi, this album is very special, "Feels like a solid equilateral triangle between Pavement's" coolness ", the sweetness of Teenage Fanclub, and the energy of Superchunk. This is the result of strong songwriting and extraordinary guitar work, "he said.If you love a melodic indie rock/pop punk la Superchunk and Teenage Fanclub, then you should check this out.

KAVEH KANES - Loanwords CD
CD with jewel case version

What can be done by a band whose personnel are separated by hundreds of kilometers? Yes, a full album made with a struggle of almost two years, because the three personnel were forced to go through a storm between Jakarta-Cirebon-Jogjakarta to give birth to the second album Kaveh Kanes, named this Loanwords. their second full-length! As you might expect, their sound has grown considerably in the couple years since their debut was recorded - ie. the production sounds much better and clearer this time around - but their general style has not changed too much. They still play easy and refreshing jangly guitarpop in the style of Beach Fossils, EZTV or a male-led Seapony, and boy, do they ever play it WELL. These nine songs shimmer and sparkle along with the best of 'em, and are a pure aural treat, as well, proving that geography is not what makes a band, but plain old stellar songwriting.

The atmosphere is dreamy, and the melodies shimmer and soar while the guitars jangle and chime. These songs fit well in the sunshine on the beach, or a late night drive with the windows open and the stars shining. If you are facing a tough week at work, this album could be your medicine.

SATURDAY NIGHT KARAOKE  - Professionals Goofballs CD
CD with jewel case version

They're back from the dead and now on Monster Zero! Indonesian poppunx Saturday Night Karaoke broke up and got together again, and the world is a better place! SNK really have perfected the sort of bubblegum pop punk that takes its influences from basic Ramones-y chord progressions and simple, sing song melodies. It's pure pop music, the sort you would have definitely heard on Mutant Pop. FFO Groovie Ghoulies, Riverdales and good Indonesian cuisine :) Brought to you in association with Waterslide Records and Anoa Records!

GASCOIGNE - Bond Electric CD
CD with jewel case version

Jakarta indie rockers Gascoigne fulfill the promise found on their previous singles and mini-albums with the band’s first full length album Bond Electric.

Immediate in its hooks and playfulness, the album continues to celebrate the band's biggest influence, specifically early 90s United States indie rock. Traces of Sonic Youth's more melodic side, Lou Barlow's directness, the crunchy catchiness of Throwing Muses and Belly, and most of all, Pavement's contrast of laidback delivery and punkish delivery, shine through all of the band’s songs.

Songs like “Figurative Painting”, “Hook Line Sinker”, “Liberal Prospects” and “Friday Fight Night” pull together elements of late 80s American grunge, jangle and power pop with an economical song-craft that is undeniable in its catchiness. Again, it's not unheard of but the quality is there. Whatever Gascoigne chooses to sing about in the future, it's clear that the band is riding a wave of creativity. Bond Electric feels like a beginning of something instead of an end point. It's filled with the kind of earnest excitement only a young band can offer, and most of all, it's an endless row of quality songs.

CD with jewel case version

A wave of alternative rock revivalist fighters has been spreading lately this year in the country. The revival of releases from alternative rock that had lived for a long time, finally reappeared to the surface estuary through a handful of loyal activists who seemed not to be eroded by time. But of the many performers, not many local revivalists are able to wisely represent the entity they are carrying. Many have sprung up due to the cycle flow of the trend, but not a few of them have ended up passing through. But this does not apply to the unit duo from Jakarta, Barefood. They successfully translated the content of the music. Not just celebrating the glory of the 90s era, more than that, the duo of friends Ditto Pradwito and Rachmad Triyadi were able to conflate the colors of memory that had been poured out for audiences who had celebrated the era of the greatness of Kurt Cobain

Through their latest opus titled Milkbox, Barefood putting out sign of sirens, reminding alternative rockers to keep fighting as a revivalist that is consistent and not necessarily only part of musical trends that hitchhike through perfunctory.

The servings on the Milkbox repertoire as a whole looks promising. Barefood slowly began to mature in depth the quality of the material, compared to the previous mini album, Sullen. Listening to Barefood is like reopening a memory box with a stamp of a 90s era that has been worn by dust. Full of memories of bitter, sweet, aggressive memorabilia. As per the album title, Milkbox contains nutrients that are right for listeners to consume from all musical contexts.

THEMILO - Wasted Parts 2xCD
2xCD with jewel case version

Wasted Parts, a collection of works neglected in the period between the album Let Me Begin and Photograph until we realized that the work must be a "monument" of the creative process. A collection that we must share for your music-hungry ears. In the process many stories of joy and sorrow. The process of sound exploration, formula search, collaboration with the ego and emotional bandages of each head that accompanied us until finally created work after work. The story of our hardware being damaged so that there are our works that cannot be saved. Bad moments that hurt Themilo's feelings.

As one of the many indie bands in the country, Themilo strives to continue to create and work amid various existing limitations. Limitations on one side are just drivers for other creativity that will spur a desire to always develop and always think to bring something new and more satisfying even though that satisfaction (sometimes) is only temporary and then transforms into an enemy of creativity itself. Themilo will forever be a process without limits, endless contemplation, endless dialectics. And Themilo (once again) will continue and continue until one day there will be no more sides.

ZZUF - Alright CD
CD with jewel case version

ZZUF is a fun band, without thinking about the exposure or the trash of fame that you are after. ZZUF will always try to piss your ears with the music they bring. Believe that pop music with a bit of distortion is sweet enough, and believe that the feelings you get after the gig are the most important thing, rather than posting on social media licking sponsors and thinking too much about the quality of your Instagram feeds.

DAMASCUS - Superblaster CD
CD with jewel case version

For Damascus, it's better late than never. The Jakarta shoegaze band formed in 2007, but in the last decade, its four members put the project in the back burner for various reasons. Until finally, last week, they dropped their first official single "Painted Road," the first taste of their upcoming full-length debut SUPERBLASTER.

Fortunately, “Painted Road” is worth the wait—and there's more of 'em coming. SUPERBLASTER will be released in a few weeks' time through Dismantled Records. If “Painted Road” is any indication to how good the album will be, then we should all be pumped up.

CD with jewel case version

In the Indonesian indie scene, there is very little stretching of the indie-rock / indiepop style that delves into the progressive elements of the music, or commonly referred to as "progressive-pop". It may be noted that only The Sastro, Somnyfera, Cascade and Spring Summer. And usually the popularity of these bands cannot reach the same level of popularity as their peers in a more straight-forward sound scheme. For this case it is the same for The Sastro.

The Sastro was established in Jakarta in 2001. Then in 2002 released The Sastro EP (2002) and released its full-length debut Vol.1 (2005) under Kenanga Records. The Vol.1 album from The Sastro itself is quite 'voiced' in the local scene at that time, because it also coincided with the golden era of the wave of invasion of campus bands IKJ (Jakarta Art Institute) in mid-2004-2005 which was quite happening at that time. Vol.1 may also be an important / definitive album for the progressive-pop genre in the local scene.

One of the Indonesian releases that is very appropriate to be collected and listened to before you die. This album changed the color of Jakarta and the band became a kind of "urban myth" among young people now.