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• ASSÜCK - Anticapital / Blindspot / +3 Cassette

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CLEAR cassette

Assück was an American grindcore band from Saint Petersburg, Florida, active from 1987 to 1998. The band proved influential, with their album Anticapital (1991) voted number 4 in the Terrorizer list of their top 20 US grindcore albums, who described it as a "low-calibre battery of brooding, malicious, doom-ridden grind pitched somewhere between early Napalm Death and even earlier Bolt Thrower".

Anticapital / Blindspot / +3 was the seminal grindcore release from '94, compiling works by Assück.  A licensed and proper re-release of “Anticapital / Blindspot / +3” in cassette. All design/decorations was reimplemented for tape format, everything was kept in black and white colors (like in original)