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• Baddat For Trubbel "Det Har Ar Inte New York" LP

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As a punk record aficionado, there are few things more exciting than finding a great record by an outta-nowhere new band. This is that sort of record…only better. In terms of international punk rock, I haven’t been this wowed by a debut since EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING dropped their first A-bomb. Got your attention yet? Though Sweden’s BFT shares little in terms of sound with ECSR, they share that same brand of confidence and pitch-perfect execution in what they do. And what is that, you ask? Well, imagine pairing a classic Euro Killed By Death sound (sung in Swe1dish, no less)with a lean toward pub rock and the amphetamine-fueled R&B that dominated the UK in the mid-’70s. While that might spell trouble for anyone unwilling to look past, I dunno, MASSHYSTERI for their Euro-punk fix, this amounts to nothing short of a fucking lightning bolt to the rest of us! It’s refreshing to hear a band mining the sounds of the initial punk era but shrugging off the pose and fashion-aping, opting instead for legit soul and passion. No easy feat, my friends.