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• Barakatak "Bergoyang Again" Cassette

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BLUE color cassette with jewel case version

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In the 1990s, the world been plagued by grunge, alternative music and Brit Pop, fever was also popular with gagrak house music. In Indonesia, it is often referred to as ajeb-ajeb music. At that time labels such as Akurama, GP Records, Blackboard, also Nagaswara released many house albums. From the Indonesian house scene, a name that emerged famous: Barakatak.

They combined house and Sundanese pop rhythms that are characterized with drums, kolintang, and synth from Yamaha PSR keyboards. With simple lyrics that dissect underground and sensational things without compromise, it's no wonder that music like this is a zygote from what we know later as funkot. they are one of the pioneers and shapers of electronic dance music in Indonesia. Through the contribution of their later works in their era, their names should be recorded boldly in history books and electronic music theory in the world. This is what many people should know, apart from secondary things like memes and drugs.

Five songs from 3 different albums from 1996-2002 (House Music Vol. 1, House Music Vol. 2, and Bandung Bergoyang) were brought back. In this release, Barakatak returned by wrapping their music through a more 'present' style and sound by embedding a number of micro elements from Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The action of incorporating the 'now' elements is not based on a desire to keep up with the development of the electronic music market. This is based because they are Barakatak; a music unit that always plays with the vernacular musical language we hear everywhere. If 90s is a house, it's EDM today. If the house can be heard everywhere in the 90s through the boom of public transportation, EDM today is the definitive language for backlogs of vloggers on YouTube. It is normal that we can find it in all spaces, and Barakatak tries to respond.