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• BAREFOOD - Milkbox CD

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CD with jewel case version

A wave of alternative rock revivalist fighters has been spreading lately this year in the country. The revival of releases from alternative rock that had lived for a long time, finally reappeared to the surface estuary through a handful of loyal activists who seemed not to be eroded by time. But of the many performers, not many local revivalists are able to wisely represent the entity they are carrying. Many have sprung up due to the cycle flow of the trend, but not a few of them have ended up passing through. But this does not apply to the unit duo from Jakarta, Barefood. They successfully translated the content of the music. Not just celebrating the glory of the 90s era, more than that, the duo of friends Ditto Pradwito and Rachmad Triyadi were able to conflate the colors of memory that had been poured out for audiences who had celebrated the era of the greatness of Kurt Cobain

Through their latest opus titled Milkbox, Barefood putting out sign of sirens, reminding alternative rockers to keep fighting as a revivalist that is consistent and not necessarily only part of musical trends that hitchhike through perfunctory.

The servings on the Milkbox repertoire as a whole looks promising. Barefood slowly began to mature in depth the quality of the material, compared to the previous mini album, Sullen. Listening to Barefood is like reopening a memory box with a stamp of a 90s era that has been worn by dust. Full of memories of bitter, sweet, aggressive memorabilia. As per the album title, Milkbox contains nutrients that are right for listeners to consume from all musical contexts.