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• BEHEMOTH - The Satanist 2xLP

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2014 Germany Pressing (NB 3104-1)

2014 release, the 10th studio album from the Polish Blackened Death Metal band. The Satanist was produced by Behemoth, Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy and Daniel Bergstrand at Hertz Studio. The CD was mixed by Matt Hyde and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York City. The cover art was painted by renowned Russian painter and occultist Denis Forkas. The paint used included some of band leader Nergal's own blood.

The Satanist is an album not obsessed with 'never heard before' sounds, and it's not attempting to out-brutal contemporary black/death metal counterparts for the sake of 'metal points'. It's an album carved with honest, expertly crafted, authentic expression. Each and every song is comprised with purpose. The vocal tracks are expressive and emotional. There's also a quality to the vocals which is as desperate as it is declarative.

The Satanist is effortlessly focused and stays bold through all facets of concept, execution, and expression. While traditional black metal is known for being hollow, harsh, raw, and unrefined, The Satanist delivers the same harshness in whole new anti-traditional way. Behemoth found a natural evolution for the hotly-protected genre and consummated it brilliantly  -and-  to the approval of die-hard fans. That is saying a lot, because as any reader here knows, old-school fans are the hardest to please for any musician. Behemoth delivered.  The album was critically acclaimed world-wide, and received such accolades as 'one of the best albums of the century', 'masterpiece', and 'best album of the year'.