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• TR028 : Boom Boom Kid "Las Y Estaciones De" Cassette

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BLACK color cassette with jewel case version

Perhaps, Nekro is one of the most iconic indie musicians of Argentina: he founded the hardcore group Fun People at the endings of the 80s, which turned to be a cult band in the 90s. He also founded the label Ugly Records, intended to publish Fun People albums and his next projects. The band disintegrated in 2001 and Carlos Rodríguez (his actual name) founded Boom Boom Kid. With this new group he published many albums, singles, 7”, vinyls, zines and books.

Boom Boom Kid is a fervent militant for women, LGBT and animals rights since the very beginning of his career. This is a recurrent theme in his vast work, definitely a very important voice in Argentinean culture.

This is their 2018 release, originally released as 21 tracks 12" by Ugly Records.