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• CELTIC FROST - Innocence and Wrath 2xCD (Digibook)

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Celtic Frost can be regarded as the heroes of the extreme metal scene, and yet there is so much more to the band’s music. This best of provides a great retrospective on their sound and offers a window on the un-doubtable influence Celtic Frost had on many other artists. The art direction of “Innocence And Wrath” was done by Tom G. Warrior. The release includes new sleeve-notes and an extensive booklet.

From ‘Morbid Tales’, through ‘To Mega Therion’, onwards to ‘Into The Pandemonium’ and finally ‘Vanity/Nemesis’, this is a band who refused to conform or follow any specific musical direction. They experimented, took risks and in the process have left behind a remarkable catalogue, which is timeless and extraordinary. When you hear these albums, you’ll appreciate why succeeding generations of diehard fans and cutting edge bands are so heavily inspired and influenced by Celtic Frost.