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• CHORIA - Black Secret Beyond of Nature CD

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From deep within the darkest annals of lush jungles that surround Indonesia comes CHORIA, an Atmospheric Black Metal band that comes packed with enough instrumental bliss to make any Melodic Death Metal band green with envy. While the members are well adjusted to Black Metal and have thrived in the scene as early as 2008, CHORIA is still relatively new, formed in 2016. CHORIA’s music is towering, intimidating, complex and dark. With an early FINSTERFORST meets HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY vibe, CHORIA’s full-length debut Black Secret Beyond of Nature contains a thriving ecosystem of black noise.

Black Secret Beyond Of Nature is an album released on October 27 2018. One hour long, the record has ten tracks. With majestically poetic, melancholic and sincere artistic tendencies, its delightful harmonies seems to be profoundly exasperated ghostly symphonies, dispersed over oceans of relentlessly infinite realms of imponderable sadness. Its poetic devices, though, surpass the strong elementary axis of its glorious conscience, in melodious sequences that eventually wanders throughout its own hyperbolic quest for insightful serenity.

A beautiful record, that transforms and celebrates its own deeply humane and salutary sensibilities, its virtuous harmonies rely on deeply marvelous poetic cadences, where all instruments synchronically converge, to effectively draw pictures of different realities, upon which a galaxy of benevolent resurgence will reign alone, to create a mosaic of dimensional waves, where the organic vastness of the universe will be free to transpose the soul of its own vicinities. Definitely, Black Secret Beyond Of Nature is a splendid work, that masterly consecrates the genre, in a dense and oblique style, whose dynamic virtues elegantly display superb epic melodies, that rearranges in a very cohesive pattern the most elusive and captivating pragmatisms of the genre.