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• COFFINS - Ancient Torture 2xCD

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Japan doom master. This is a collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks. Issued as a double CD 8-panel digipak.

Contains 21 songs taken from various split

• Track 1 [Eat Your Shit] taken from 2009 released Split 7' with Lobotomized (Plague Island Records)
• Track 2 [Corpse Parade] taken from 2009 released Split 7' with Spun In Darkness (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
• Tracks 3&4 [Offalgrinder, The Day Man Lost] taken from 2008 released Split 7' with Skullhog (No Escape Records)
• Tracks 5&6 [The Cracks Of Doom, Ebony Tears] taken from 2008 released Split CD with XXX Maniak (Creeping Vine Productions & Enucleation Records)
• Track 7 [Decapitated Crawl] taken from 2008 released Pharmacopoeia Compilation 7' box (Land O'Smiles Records)
• Track 8-11 [Abysmal Blood Sea, Cremated Remains, Stillbirth, Wasteland Of Terror] taken from 2007/2008 released 3way Split CD with Anatomia/Grudge (Grindmind Records/Obliteration Records)
• Tracks 12-14 [Mortification To Ruin, Decapitated Crawl, Bonesawer] taken from 2007/2008 released Split CD/12' with The Arm & Sword Of A Bastard God (20 Buck Spin/Enucleation Records)
• Track 15 [Countless Grave] taken from 2007 released Split 7' with Cianide (Famine Records)
• Tracks 16-18 [Evil Infection, Only Corpses, Acid Orgy] taken from 2007 released Split CD/12' with Otesanek (Parasitic Records / Kreation Records)
• Track 19 [Torture] taken from 2005 released Split 10' with Mala Suerte.
• Track 20&21 [Warhead, Warhead (Live)] taken from 2009 released 7' (Torture Garden)

"The Day Man Lost" originally performed by Carnage.
"Ebony Tears" originally performed by Cathedral.
"Wasteland Of Terror" originally performed by Asphyx.
"Bonesawer" originally performed by Pungent Stench.
"Acid Orgy" originally performed by Goatlord.
"Warhead" originally performed by Venom.