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• REALITY CLUB - Never Get Better CD / What Do You Really Know? CD (Combo)

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Never Get Better CD
Containing 13 tracks in total, the CD of “Never Get Better” has a simple packaging accompanied with lyrics sheet as well as polaroid pics of the members on its sleeve.   Overall the five piece unit from Jakarta delivered their music fairly. They are like a mix between VARSITY, The Cardigans and No Vacation. As a note, although the record has a lot of room for improvements especially on their mixing mastering part, Reality Club bring back the fun on indie pop genre.

What Do You Really Know? CD

their second album, entitled What Do You Really Know? This album shows the other side of Reality Club which has a different vibes with its inaugural album. The album, which is entirely in English, certainly does not stop them from making 11 songs with new colors. What Do You Really Know? tell stories about themselves now and reflect where they are now. Although different from their inaugural album, Reality Club added a bit of rock to their album. The reason is, they want to tell a story to their listeners about how they grew up and were in a different place as before. Their artwork also emphasizes how they have shifted as a band to a theme that is quite dark for this new album.