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• CORINA R. MANGHARAM - Midnight Muses Book

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• 89 pages
• Hardcover

This book is written based on the thoughts we have at night; about happiness and sadness and everything in between, and even though it is a very personal book, 'Midnight Muses' sends a universal message: You are not alone, and all that you are feeling right now is significant and necessary. This book also touches on issues such as bullying, drug abuse, the concept of beauty in a modern society as well as the importance of art.

As a 20-year-old Malaysian North Borneon (Sabahan) back then, Corina Robert Mangharam hopes to build a strong Sabahan poetry community by bringing together a group of aspiring poets as well as raising awareness of poetry appreciation. She is a pre-university graduate awaiting enrollment in Law School, and as of now spends her days freelance writing.