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• CRACK GUILTY - Headfirst Cassette

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“Crack Guilty delivers a potent writing with a balance progressions that extend in diverse style and forms to elevate their sound. They successfully managed making a way in connecting a hard, edgy and smooth vibe to sets a course, that propelled the music in fair measure. “Headfirst” loaded with energetic guitar riffs and powerful melodic hooks that steadily growing in tight chugging grooves - solid rhythm sections. Delivered in eccentric tech-derived guitar plays which crafted in great melody sense, followed with dissonant guitar pulls and overdrive drowns. Crack Guilty pursue further directions with a wider range of approaches, favouring through their influences and interests on varying shades of hardcore,punk and experimental rock which interspersed in 90’s rock music sensations and contemporaries.; Pixies Queens Of The Stone Age, Failure, etc.“ KP

Press in LOKANANTA Indonesia.