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• DARKTHRONE - Arctic Thunder LP

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2016 Europe Pressing (VILELP568)

Darkthrone’s seventeenth studio album, Arctic Thunder, is a seamless, genre-hopping lexicon of death growls, doom dirges, and thrash runs as immediate as they are all-encompassing.

All the songs up to the magnificent "Arctic Thunder" are more or less enjoyable and worthy of the Darkthrone name. Then the quality drops significantly with "Throw Me Through The Marshes" and the use of the last riff of "Tundra Leech" in the end of the otherwise brilliant "Deep Lake Trespass" is a bit of a letdown. The closing track, "The Wyoming Distance", is nothing special either and it's a shame really because the listener's last impression may be that the album is repetitive and uninspired. However, an assumption like this would be unfair.