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• DARZAMAT - Solfernus' Path LP

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Back in 2005 Darzamat unleashed the groundbreaking and still what I consider to be the definitive of Dark Metal that is the album Transkarpatia. Finally we get the follow up and it does not disappoint utilizing the same formula of melodic Gothic atmosphere and Black/Death Metal brutality. As with the previous albums Darzamat continues to use the Beauty and the Beast vocal style and it truly is one of the best examples of the style around today.

Darzamat have been perfecting their style for a few albums now, putting their albums before SemiDevilish so far in the distance I'll likely only listen to them in historical terms from now on. They've presented us with a thicker production compared to their Transkarpatia release from four years prior, and continue to unearth even more pleasingly creepy melodies despite keeping songs in the four minute area. The band must have spent countless sleepless nights refining the arrangements and lyrics, as any attempt to follow along with the booklet quickly found me as lost as our main character, Filip, as he began searching the rooms of the Countess's mansion. Half of the the lyrics are absent from the songs themselves, and the rest are rarely in the order written.

Filled with dreary yet lush photography, Darzamat's latest is best understood with its booklet in hand to follow the migration of our protagonist to newfound mental planes. Solfernus' Path is not just an album that suddenly presses down on you with an inescapable nighttime mist from above, but also relentlessly itches your skin from below with an invisible raven's feather. More focused than ever, they appeal to a metal listener of a particular taste, one who loves a melodic accessibility but also finds comfort in the foggy wastelands that lurk between genres.