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• DAYAL PATTERSON - Black Metal : Into The Abyss BOOK

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For fans of the cold, dark and glorious sounds of black metal, or even those with a casual or cultural interest in the genre, the work of Dayal Patterson is indispensable. Since the release of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult, the British author has become one of the best sources of archival and historical information on all scenes and eras. In 2016, Dayal released his latest installment, Black Metal: Into the Abyss, along with a visual companion filled with high-quality images from photoshoots and live shows.

Third book in the ‘Black Metal Cult’ series, following Evolution Of The Cult and The Cult Never Dies Vol. One. 300 pages and 21 chapters of brand new and exclusive material, with long, detailed and definitive interviews with : Furia, Massemord, 1349, Forgotten Woods, Tsjuder, Nocturnal Depression, Vemod, One Tail, One Head, Mystifier, Black Altar, Besatt, Mord ‘A’ Stigmata, Trist, Helheim, Hypothermia, Loits, Deinonychus, Psychonaut 4, Koldbrann, Urgehal, Sacrilegium and Blaze Of Perdition.

Designed to be read as either a separate work or as part of the series and presented with a somewhat more old school aesthetic to the previous two tomes and a more direct, conversational writing style.

Available with over 300 pages of photos.

300 pages