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• DEATH SIDE - They Will Never Die - 1987-1994, Singles, Splits And Comp Tracks 2xLP

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Compile all singsles/split and comp tracks from 1987 - 1994.

One of the best Japanese hardcore band in the 80s'.

Satisfy The Instinct 7" EP
A1. Drunk To Much
A2. Money Don't Come And Go
A3. Look At Yourself
A4. My Pace
A5. Over Nice
A6. Self Complacency

Various - Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla LP
A7. Black Lie
A8. Mirror
A9. Fool, Fool, Fool
A10. Mass Media's Pets

Various - Smashing Odds Ness 8" EP
A11. Stick & Hole

Various - Game Of Death LP
B1. Blast In Hell
B2. Break The Brain
B3. Blutes
B4. Gimmie Lies

Various - Hang The Sucker Vol. II LP
B5. Life Is A Chain Of Games
B6. Eternity Form
B7. Reveal
B8. Stick & Hole

Various - Starving Dog Eats Master LP
B9. Cry For The Truth
B10. Act For Self
B11. Brave It out
B12. Never Give Up The Fight

Death Side / Chaos UK Split CD
C1. Trust
C2. Cry For The Truth
C3. No Force
C4. First And Last
C5. Satisfied Life
C6. Where Are Your Eyes
C7. Try
C8. Corps
C9. 気迫

The Will Never Die 7" EP
D1. The Will Never Die
D2. Profound Freedom
D3. Sow The Grass Seeds

All Is Here Now 7" EP
D4. Why Am I Here?
D5. Stop It!
D6. Overcome Yourself
D7. Live Your Life
D8. All Is Here Now

All Is Here Now 7" EP
D4Why Am I Here?
D5Stop It!
D6Overcome Yourself
D7Live Your Life
D8All Is Here Now