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• DEATH - Various Title 2xCDs (Deluxe Editions)

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Death was an American metal bandfounded in 1983. The band's founder,Chuck Schuldiner, is considered"a pioneering force in death metaland grindcore".

Scream Bloody Gore 2xCD

DEATH's legendary 1987 debut'Scream Bloody Gore' is more than justan untouchable album - upon its release,it was positively genre-creating.

Leprosy 2xCD

The band’s titanic second album.Released in 1988, ‘Leprosy’ was a pioneering album, building uponthe thrash sounds of Metallica andSlayer but adding a previously unheardlevel of raw extremity.

The Sound Of Perseverance 2xCD

The Sound of Perseverance isthe masterstroke of one of metal’strue pioneers and innovators,and indeed worthy of the worship,adoration, this is the definitive edition ofthis timeless classic.