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• DENNIS ALCAPONE - Guns Don't Argue LP

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Dennis Alcapone was one of the reigning kings of toasting in 1970s Jamaica. Alongside Big Youth and U-Roy, Alcapone introduced the art of toasting--in which the singer, known as a DJ chatted, chanted, and motivated crowds over pre-recorded, roiling roots rhythms--to the masses. Alcapone had a rich, resonant voice that could croon seductively or yawp ecstatically, depending on the occasion, and his talents made him one of the most popular sound-system DJs on the island. He also enjoyed a long string of singles on the airwaves, most of which are collected on the superb compilation GUNS DON'T ARGUE.

In addition to his fine skills on the mic, Alcapone also had a knack for choosing top-notch producers, and GUNS DON'T ARGUE follows his work with such control-booth luminaries as Keith Hudson, Bunny Lee, Niney Holeness, Duke Reid, and Lee Perry. Over backing tracks that range from rocksteady to ska to American R&B to deep dub, Alcapone lays down drone-chants ("Shades of Hudson"), dance instructions ("Ball of Confusion"), and Rastafarian themes ("Jah Rastafari [AKA Wonder Man]"), among numerous approaches, but his energized, always appealing vocal style is the constant. GUNS DON'T ARGUE encompasses the artist's most popular years, and is the definitive Alcapone anthology.