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Denpasar Collective is a collective of learning and friendship based in Bali. Interested and convinced that HC / Punk is not limited to music. Actively organizing gigs, picnics, film screenings, discussions, stalls or community markets, workshops, online radio broadcasts, zine libraries, and distribution of works from friends. Stay open with other interesting things and learning outside of HC / Punk. 

Ada Karya Di Kebon - Vol. 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 Artzine
Artzine from Bali, featuring artworkers from the Denpasar Kolektif.

Penahitam - Afterlife Artzine
Compilations of works by the Penahitam Chapter Bali community that went on to the exhibition on May 25th 2018.

Alerta! - Circa 2017 - 2018 Photozine
Selected works of stage photograph by Dewi Andriani circa 2017-2018. Based in Bali, her works documented the vibrant and fertile DIY hardcore punk scene in Bali and also other cities in Indonesia. Balanced intimate shots between the energetic performing bands and the passionate crowd been captured from her viewing angles, seizing the moments that will never happen again. 62 black & white pages. Paperback cover.

Lapar Mata - Vol. 01 / 02 Photozine
Armed with a camera by her side, Itta Mukti documented her journey throughout :-

Vol. 01 - The bustling streets of Yangon and meeting and connecting with DIY punk community under the banner of Denpasar Kolektif.  84 full color pages. Paperback cover.

Vol. 02 - She also managed to captured the the daily routine in Phnom Penh and remains of the dark history of evil Khmer regime, finished in a style of multi-layering /high vivid color to give a sense of mysteriousness added to her work. 50 full color pages. Paperback cover.

Vol. 03 - The UGLY BASTARD's Singapore/Malaysia tour in May 2017. This photozine accompanied with journal and photos that surely bring back the memories of the night when UGLY BASTARD shared their visions on their fights and struggles, and surely the memories of the little space that no longer physically exist in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Something last a long time!! 44 full color pages. Paperback cover.

Mixer Grinder - Horrible Creation - The Art Of Mixer Grinder : Illustration And Manual Collage By Agus Kepalakosonk #1 Artzine
Compilation of black & white sketch works by Agus Kepalakosonk that been used for posters/sleeve artworks and others. 40 pages. Paperback cover.

Blaze Carved In Darkness - Woodcut Movements In Asia : 1930 - 2010s #4 Zine
Originally written by Risa Tokunaga, translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Putu Juli Sastrawan. A shorten detailed research by Risa Tokunaga, a lecturer at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, with facts of woodcut movements in Asia (1930 - 2010s) generally, and in-depth introductions of the roots & culture of the woodcut collectives in Southeast Asia (Indonesia & Malaysia) specifically. 8 full color pages. Paperback cover.

Rumah Kecil Tattoo - Funzine #1 
Black & white sketch works/tattoo flash by the individual who runs Rumah Kecill Tattoo Studio in Denpasar, Bali. 14 black & white pages.

Uprock 83 - Vol. 1&2&3&4 Zine
All about hip-hop zine, re-arranged from all issues and packed into this zine. Written by Herry Sustrena a.k.a Ucok Homicide, this zine dedicated wholeheartedly to the hip-hop music and culture. 36 xerox pages.

Zinedikat Pesta Kebon - Vol. 01 / 02 Zine
Various contributors from the Denpasar Kolektif / Bali-based DIY community, written on any given subjects from hardcore punk scene/culture to activism activities to music/book reviews. 26 xerox pages.