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• DIALITA - Dunia Milik Kita CD

RM 35.00

DIALITA is a storytelling about what happen in Indonesia during 1965, when many peope had been killed by the Indonesia Regime, accused to be a Communist and Traitor.

Dunia Milik Kita comprise of 10 songs. Most of the songs is written during the 60's in the prison by persona like Ibu Mutati and Ibu Mudjiati. They sing a song of freedom and redemption, to be release from the Prison system. Some song telling about the chemistry of human unity and about the worker-power and peasant power!

All the 10 songs sing and play back by all these mention artist Frau, Sisir Tanah, Cholil Mahmud, Nadya Hatta & Prihatmoko Catur, Komunitas Kroncongan Agawe Santosa dan Lintang Radittya.

This is a beautiful album about the struggle of all the people that fight all the power that abuse. This is a very good documentation of the soul of warrior that been caught and caged but having a courage to stand up to fight the tyranny.

And not to forget to these below people that making this happen:
Executive Producer: Agung Kurniawan
Producer: Wok The Rock
Assistant Producer : Adi Adriandi
Production Manager : Venti Wijayanti
Manager: Irawati Atmosukar