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• DISASTER RECORDS - Various Title CDs

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Disaster Records is an independent record label born in the city of Bandung founded in the year 2015, development of a brand that is quite well known today, "MATERNAL DISASTER" and is also a distribution locomotive to distribute several music releases.

ZIGI ZAGA - Psycho Mob CD

After successfully releasing their first single Kill The Noise in September along with a video clip directed by Henry Batman (Jadugar & Goodnight Electric), finally Zigi Zaga released a debut album which was given the title Psycho Mob on March 28, 2019. Released by Disaster Records, a record label from Bandung, this album is the result of a hard work that took 3.5 years. The entire material was recorded at the ALS Rempoa (Tangerang) studio and Starlight Studio Pondok Kelapa (East Jakarta).

The basic foundation of Zigi Zaga's music is Punk Rock which was injected by other elements such as Blues, Grunge, Heavy Metal to Pop. Thick with the influence of Alternative Rock 90s, borrowing references from bands such as Pixies, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins to legendary names such as Talking Heads, ESG, Patti Smith, Joan Jett & The Runaways.

The 11 songs contained in it are reflections of the personnel on the environment around them. Highlighting various themes ranging from addiction to gadgets (Kill the noise), self-empowerment (Psycho Mob & Coming Down From A High), & peer pressure (Lost In The City). But the biggest portion of the thematic subject is the struggle and struggle of individual psychology that tries to go through various attacks on life's trials in various aspects (depression, romance, social pressure, loss of control, etc.).

AVHATH - The Avhath Rites CD

After releasing several EPs and singles in previous years, Avhath finally released an album entitled "The Avhath Rites" at the beginning of 2019. It was packed with exploration of fresh instruments and mastering sound styles that would sound very new if we followed the sound of the material - previous Avhath material. The Avhath Rites contains 6 songs by adapting more old-school mastering sounds like OSDM bands of its time.

Also available in ANEKA DIGITAL SAFARI / AVHATH - Split Cassette here.

• BRIGADE OF CROW - Delta Blues Narkotik CD

Brigade Of Crow is a metal-punk maniac, who ripped off thrasing riff from the 80’s and NWOBHM era into blazing rock ‘n’ roll style. Featured gravel-throated vocal sing in bahasa slang and fully charged thunder D-Beat. After 3 years, they didn't release new material since their last EP titled "Fuzz-Off! and Die "in 2015, the band that called itself" Dirty Metallic Crust "N 'Roll" finally released a new album entitled "Delta Blues Narcotics".  

Also available, BRIGADE OF CROW - Serdadu Gagak Cassette here.

JIMI JAZZ – Kebisingan Pancaroba Yang Merongrong CD

The whispers that disturbed Jimi while making the song for The Upstairs was the forerunner to the formation of the Jimi Jazz. Jimi himself referred to this as a cross over - thrash that he had long liked and it turned out that Jimi had wanted to make music like this a long time ago. Starting from recording basic guitar riffs, Jimi Jazz was assisted by Petir and his Hong friends from Tangerang to realize the whispers called "Kebisingan Pancaroba Yang Merongrong" by Jimi himself. Capitalized on several briefings and exercises, the Jimi Jazz couldn't wait to record all the material. With Jimi's satisfaction with what was recorded, finally Jimi decided to release 5 songs containing fast tones which became the newest work from The Upstairs's frontman.


The Jambi-based band adopted the name Setnov, who might have been famous among the politicians as a corruptor and scolded him to become Nestov. Again, a band like this reminds us of the era of Domestic Doctrine and friends, short and fast music in the style of hardcore and trashcore in the 90s plus the writing of eccentric lyrics that are easy to understand with a distinctive Sumatran accent, making Nestov a fresh processed . Incorporated from several leading band personnel such as Bromocorah, Milisi Kecoa, and Got Me Blind. All the material in Suai's EP was no more than 1 minute, friends from Nestov might have felt enough to present their offerings in less than 1 minute duration which would be their characteristic in playing music.

SAVOR OF FILTH – Take Over Back CD

For almost 17 years they never release anything, now they’re back! With 11 new tracks that will bring back 90’s rough and energetic Hardcore musics. Yes, this Hardcore veteran from Bandung will take over your memory back. Equipped with 2 fresh new members and accompanied by their comrades in arms, True Megabenz as the Producer.


Total Jerks was formed in 2011 and began to be active in 2012. The current Total Jerks formation is Ricky Morris, who continues to fill vocals, Ahmad Fauzi on guitar, Faidz Syawal who plays drums, and for now they are still have additionals to fill in the bass part in Total Jerks. Total Jerks was influenced by a number of American hardcore bands active in the 80s, such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Circle Jerks and several bands in the 90s - 2000s such as Amdi Petersens Armé and Formaldehyde Junkies.

Before the album Fear, Total Jerks had released the first album entitled Life is Hate which contained 10 songs. Likewise with this new album titled Fear, with the same number of songs and of course their style which was influenced by hardcore in the 80s. Total Jerks is known as a productive band. 

• KANDALA - Majal CD

On April 13, Kandala, the Palembang-based band officially launched their debut single titled "Majal" which is also the title of their debut album on two digital platforms. For official music videos released through the YouTube channel, while for audio singles released through Soundcloud, both were released simultaneously by Disaster Records, which will release the album "Majal" on April 20, 2019 in the digipack format which happened to fall on the Store Day event, especially in the city of Bandung where Disaster Records is based.


Successfully released an EP in the form of a cassette entitled Untruthfully Sold on April 20, 2018 under the auspices of Never Stop Records. The band driven by Rifki13 (Drummer), Badick (Guitarist), Baruz (Screamer), Febby (Guitarist) and Mbie (Bassist) did not stop to convey a message about criticism, anger, and disappointment with the situation and social, political and individualistic characteristics human beings who are increasingly deafening often often cause a variety of conflicts that continue to clash.

In collaboration with Disaster Records and Neverstop Records, Konfliktion released a debut album in the form of CDs and Tapes titled DIS / ILUSI on 4.20.2019. With seventeen tracks, the majority of which are of short duration, Konfliktion expresses its anger and anxiety severely to harmonize the brains of each individual who never end up building new slaves to be humiliated for the greed of the poisoned people.