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• DISCARD - Four Past Midnight LP

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Discard: the band that Doom wanted to be when they first started, as Stick candidly admits in the booklet of the "Slave to convention" Doom-tribute cd. As a matter of fact, I bought the aforementioned cd and "Sound of war" on the same day, in a record store in Tucson, Arizona (I am pretty sure I bought a Shitlickers bootleg that day as well), and the connection makes perfect sense. After all, even Hammy called them Discard on the thank list at the back of the "Hiatus" compilation Lp. Almost 30 years later, listening to the Doom and Discard demos back to back, you would think that they don't really sound alike (which is objectively true) but I suppose that, at the time, it made sense to see Doom as a Discard-worship band. And that is quite poetical if you take into account that Doom has become one of the most important and influential British punk bands ever, while Discard were not even a band to start with and played only one gig in their existence.