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• DS 13 - Umeå Hardcore Forever, Forever Umeå Hardcore 2xLP

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(Bandana not included).

It's been 20 years since they released our first 7" "Aborted teen generation" on our own label Busted Heads. 
So, here it is, the grande collection: "Umeå hardcore forever, forever Umeå hardcore". All the 7"s and comps, 67 tracks remastered at Communichaos Media Clay Station. 2 x multi-colored LP's on Spela Snabbare Records (Europe) and Havoc Records (US), CD on Crew For Life Records (Jap). 
Simple clean cover with the logo Pushead did for us, plus our very first band photo on the back, taken 20 years ago at Charlie's in Umeå.
Stay tuned for release date and pre-order with limited cool stuff.