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• EXPLOITED - Fuck the System 2xLP [Black Vinyl]

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Nice word play, ey? Well, there are two things I wanted to illustrate with that brilliant headline of mine, namely the similarities between "Fuck The System", "Beat The Bastards" and "The Massacre" and that "Fuck The System" is a masterpiece just like "Beat The Bastards".

In 1990, when basically everybody had written The Exploited off, or at least nobody was really expecting anything mind blowing from them, they released the furious "The Massacre". Another six years went by until they released what is now often considered the best metallic Hardcore album of all time: "Beat The Bastards". In 2003, "Fuck The System" finally combined the best of its two predecessors, i.e. it possessed the heaviness of "Beat The Bastards" and even surpassed the relentlessness of "The Massacre" (both also due to the fantastic "Beat The Bastards"-like production).