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• FRAGMENT - In the Dust Cassette

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Debut LP from Halifax, Nova Scotia's crasher crusties Fragment. A full on attack of raw feedback and reverb saturated crust punk in the tradition of Gloom. This crew has been making crusty noise happen in northern Canada for years (many will be familiar with Contagium in which a couple of these guys played) and they know how to write a killer song. Unlike many bands that take this kind of wall of reverb approach to crust (say Framtid or Ferocious X) Fragment draws less on the Swedish classics in their riffs and more on the early crust scene in England. The dark energy of Deviated Instinct or Axegrinder is definitely an influence here. 
If you like your punk blown out and crushing this is for you. For fans of Lastly, Aspects of War, Rednecks, Kromosom,