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• FRAMTID - DefeatOf Civilization + Split E.P. Tracks Cassette

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Should you name five crust bands from Japan almost every new d-beat / crust band during last ten years refers to you will for sure find FRAMTID on the list. FRAMTID are the law. The law for every fan of noisy punk.

Eleven years after their already classic and genre defining "Under the Ashes" Osaka's FRAMTID caame out with another strong release, "Defeat of Civilization" is everything you would expect from FRAMTID. 10 tracks of crushing Japanese hardcore heavily influenced both by the sound and ideas of early Swedish hardcore but pushing to sound to the edge. Mega distorted guitars, deep vocals and the most solid yet dynamic rhythm section you'll ever witness are FRAMTID's trademark as well as are their lyrics full of hope and their stark black and white graphics. Also fitted in this cassette are tracks from split releases.