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• FROM ASHES RISE - Rejoice the end / Rage of Sanity 7"

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The return of this iconic d-beat/crust crew from Portland, OR is short and sweet, in the form of this excellent two-song seven-inch. It shows off both sides of From Ashes Rise wonderfully and they sound as if no time has passed since their last release: 2003's Nightmares. "Rejoice the End" finds the group still extolling all the virtues of doomsday overtop all the foreboding, apocalyptic, d-beat, crust metal any squat-loving, hands-black-from-reading-Slug and Lettuce type can handle. At over five minutes, it's nearly epic. The flipside is just the opposite, "Rage of Sanity" comes across as pure Lemmy worship, almost sounding like one of those goofy "this is what it's like to be in a band, man" songs that we all tolerate from time to time. But, of course, it's extolling the virtues of doomsday. Crust never sleeps and as long as bands like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise are doing their thing, that's something we should be very happy about.