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• Goodnight Electric "The Electronic Renaissance : Rarities & Unreleased Tracks From Goodnight Electric (2004-2012)" 2CD

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Goodnight Electric is a synthpop Indonesian music group formed in 2003 in Jakarta by one of its personnel, Henry Irawan, known by his stage name, Henry "Batman" Foundation. Inspired by musicians in the early 80s and 90s such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Kraftwerk, Yazoo, Belle and Sebastian and The Lighting Seeds, Goodnight Electric tries to combine electro, pop and new wave music using synthesizers and computers as the main media. Supported by Bondi Goodboy and Oomleo in live performances, Goodnight Electric developed into a formation of a trio of dance groups.

No one can deny that Goodnight Electric helped to bring back electronic music on Indonesia’s independent scene. After its creation in 2004, the band comprised of OomLeo, Henry ‘Batman’ Foundation, and Bondi Goodboy have been active until now and launched 2 full-length albums and 7 compilation albums. Goodnight Electric have also released few singles on digital format as well as vinyl throughout the years.

This is a compilation album filled with their B-sides, rarities, demos, and unreleased tracks. The materials were collected from 2004 until 2012 and they added two remix songs in it as well. The album is titled “The Electronic Renaissance” and the idea for its launching came after they were looking through their old archives. They felt the need for these materials to be listened or spread to their listeners before the music is way too old. This also acts as the milestones from the band to mark their achievements and creative process as musicians. The title of this album was taken from Belle & Sebastian’s track that inspired this band to start their journey. “The Electronic Renaissance”

CD 1:
01. Dizzy
A2. Bedroom Avenue
03. Cys
04. Ekil
05. Sci-Fi Love
06. T.E.C.H.N.O>Logy
07. Space Out Song
08. Just
09. Q
10. Fine (Demo)
11. Fine (Turner Version)
12. My Aeroplane Mania (HF Edit)
13. My Aeroplane Mania (Goodnight Electric Remix)

01. Interval (2009)
02. We're Going To The Star (2009)
03. Am I Robot? (New Package Remix)
04. Teenage Love And Broken Heart
05. Cherry Come On (Demo)
06. Glorious Day (Demo)
07. Not So Fun (Demo)
08. Shut It Down
09. Fluorescent Nothing (Demo)
10. The Supermarket I Am In (feat. Polypony)
11. I'm OK (feat. Xaqhala)
12. Shut It Down (feat. Baila Fauri)
13. Fluorescent Nothing (feat Alyuadi [Heals])