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· Graveyard "Lights Out" CD

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Four years and hundreds of tour stops later, GRAVEYARD’s forthcoming album, ‘Lights Out,’ reflects the diversity of their writing: “beautifully crafted hard rock” (Decibel Magazine) with a dose of soulful, “70s throwback” (Brooklyn Vegan) blues that sound “spontaneous and fresh” (Guitar World). From the apocalyptic, riff-driven “An Industry of Murder,” to the melancholy “Slow Motion Countdown” and psychedelic “Endless Night,” the album shows them ranging from ace rock lords to contemplative balladeers. Recorded entirely analogue, ‘Lights Out’ sears with social commentary; frontman Joakim Nilsson’s versatile grit; and the “horrible beauty” (Blurt) of guitarist Jonatan Ramm’s “instantly memorable riffs” (All Music).