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• HERA MARY - Ini Scene Kami Juga! DVD

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1.07 hour long documentary
DVD with standard black polybox case

The role of women in the hardcore/punk scene in Indonesia is still quite minor. Because the hardcore/punk scene is considered a man’s world. Women who are involved in the movements of Indonesia’s hardcore/punk scene are rarely documented. The negative stigmas and problems between women in the hardcore/punk scene spread widely. Through this film, we will see the different sides of women in the hardcore/punk scene. The women who are featured in this film are musicians, zine makers, and photographers. Although there are still plenty of other women in the scene, these women are some of the few who are still actively involved

‘Ini Scene Kami Juga!’ also emphasize the importance of giving proper exposure and credits to women in the community. Besides music, zine, photography and other works they produce, the continued support between one another is the key to maintaining the spirit of sisterhood.

This documentary film tells the stories women in the Indonesian DIY Punk, specifically those living in the island of Java. So far we have interviewed 14 women from all over java who are still involved in the DIY Punk today. Gender issues, sexism, sexuality and activism are all discussed in this film. It portrays how these women contributes to the DIY Punk community, and how it impacs their daily life to this day.