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• HERMH - Cold+Blood+Messiah LP

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Picture Vinyl
2010 Poland Pressing ( EVIL 001 PLP)

The Polish act HERMH (I don't even know what that means) has been around since 1993. A hint worth mentioning is that BEHEMOTH's Nergal was a session member in this band back in 1995, when HERMH released their demo Crying Crown Of Trees. After some years of inactivity they returned to unleash some full-length and EP releases and coming to this day, the band releases its fourth studio album.

The not so usual musical path I was talking about in the beginning of this review is the symphonic/melodic Black Metal in the vein of bands like LIMBONIC ART, VESANIA, DIMMU BORGIR and the last DISSECTION era, bands that liked to have their Black Metal theatric. The album is full of songs that spit their twisted melodies the one after the other, mostly because of the insane guitar work performed by Socaris and Maar. The guitars and the keyboards (the main melody makers) are bound by an almost anarchic structure that characterizes the whole album. All of the above combined with Zuber's schizophrenic drumming, Bart's hellish screams and the creepy orchestral parts, form a puzzle that kind of looks like the well known painting called The Scream, by Edvard Munch.

A pretty good album that shows a band with talent and the potential to compete the titans of the specific scene. My opinion is that you check these guys out and support them. I guess that people who appreciate complex Black Metal and sick melodies will definitely like this album.