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• HJERTESTOP "Vi Ses I Helvede" LP

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US pressing of this instant classic. Catchy, melodic yet totally furious hardcore punk from these crazy danish punks. Some songs will have you tapping your foot with their mid paced-slower anthems, yet some will have you breaking glass to a hardcore banger. You may already know them already from their great 1st ep on KICK N PUNCH/HJERNESPIND, now they are back to destroy with this incredible lp. If you're a fan of most danish HC/PUNK coming out these days (YOUNG WASTENERS, ARRIGT ANTREK, AMDI PETERSENS ARME) then look no further, this album is for you. As Tommas from Hjernespind said " This is the best punk album to come from Copenhagen since the YOUNG WASTENERS LP" Can't argue there at all.