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• Iyam. "World Of Magic" Cassette

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Gabe Gabe Cassette

This one came from Iyam. A Bandung-based newcomers who just dropped his new EP “World of Magic”. Containing 4 psychedelic-pop songs with all the musical instruments played by Iyam. Dream pop nuances that were quite thick, deeply inspired by the works of Radiohead, Tame Impala to John Lennon. Barely in his twenties, Bandung-born musician Iyam wasn’t alive to experience the glorious 1980s, but his music is laden with flourishes of the era’s alternative-pop: wallowing melodies, goth-pop instrumentations, dramatic dreamy vocalizations, and a whole lot of reverb.

World of Magic, his debut release, is filled with such elements. Released only on cassette tape, which is the wont of the hip underground, the release works better digitally, at least as an aural experience. The work of this EP was done by himself. For mixing, Iyam collaborated with Sutan Antonius and mastered by Brian Lucey of Magic Garden Mastering in the United States who had worked on albums of great world musicians, such as Liam Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Marylin Manson, The Black Keys, The Shins, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode and many more. Dubbed on solid grey cassette tape. Limited to 55 copies. All tapes were made at Lokananta Solo, Indonesia