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• Jangar "Jelang Malam" CD

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CD with jewel case version

Heavy rock quartet, Jangar finally released their first full album. Entitled Menjelang Malam, distributed by Berita Angkasa - a record label that houses Kelompok Penerbang Roket, Kurosuke, Rafi Muhammad and Sapphira Singgih - ten solid material on the theme of social politics, death, birth, to the afterlife clad in super heavy rock dosed with Balinese wine containing pure alcohol. The loudest, thickest it feels, the more rock drunken since from the start. Checked "Konstant" which is full of octane as an opening, this single had already been distributed in advance by them.
Entering the second track, Gusten side by side with the cowboy from the River Musi, Palembang. Rian Pelor, vocalist of Detention and ex-vocalist Auman spread silver criticism over the threat of mistaken conditions that occurred in the country through a song titled "Negeri Nego". "This country can be negotiated," the lyrics on the echoed riff. This song is suitable to be the music score for the massive social movement that happening lately. Hit it hard

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