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• JOHN COLTRANE - My Favorite Things LP

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The Sound of Music the film would be the last place you would expect to produce one of the greatest Jazz tracks ever but that sure is the case with "My Favourite Things" Soprano Saxophone rules with the modal approach that John Coltrane took to this tune and the results were magnificent.This was where John Coltrane began to change with his approach to Jazz by discarding his Bop sound with a Modal appraoch which is working within the parameters of certain chords which cuts out chord changes allowing the musician to improvise over the repitition of the chords that are chosen. In other words it returned more melody within Jazz as the composition is caught within that framework of chords. This album has melody without doubt and often one hears from people not into Jazz ," but where is the tune". Well the tune is here and what John Coltrane has done with this simple tune is extrodainary with his use of this new approach in music and after this album which was his first in this style he would never go back to Bop but head out the opposite direction into Avante Garde. This is the first album also where he introduced his his new Quartet format and maybe the greatest creative period for him with the assistance of McCoy Tyner on piano who made such an important contribution. Steve Davis on bass and Elvin Jones on drums who like McCoy Tyner would be with this band through some of the most creative approach to Jazz ever. John Coltrane is the master of tenor saxophone but here he takes up soprano and takes that instrument to heights that nobody thought possible and the melody ,it is all there.