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• JUSTICE - Woman 2xLP + CD

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Over the past 10 years there have been few electronic artists more influential than Justice. The French duo comprised of Xavier De Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, who have been at the forefront of setting dance floors and festivals ablaze across the globe in what has been electronic music’s most defining decade. Back in 2007 they blended euro underground rave culture with punk rock vigor and embodied the entire attitude that drove the electro/bloghaus days that become America's formative years of its electronic music obsession. Woman is superb and in my opinion outshines their 2011 sophomore effort Audio, Video, Disco (which says a lot). Their original gritty hardcore disco-electro sound has now germinated into a more subdued yet refined version of itself. What has always made Justice’s previous releases stand out has been their injection of the past. Woman harkens back to Prince, Queen, Stevie Wonder and even Jimmy “Bo” Horne. While AVD took a more stadium rock sonic anatomy Woman calls back to the disco days just as many tracks on their debut album, Cross, did. In addition to the neo-Studio 54 vibe Woman is characterized by outstanding vocals. Most tracks supremely meld talented vocalists with uplifting cords and melodies to transport the listening into a state of euphoria.