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BLACK vinyl with gatefold and 20 page booklet version
CD with digipack version

5 Songs EP from this great Indonesia Psych/Space Rock. They slowly moving toward finding their own sound, soaking 70s Hard/Psych Rock groove and energy and spice it up with perfect vocal driven style that making KPR as one of the best recent Rock band from Indonesia.

Manned by I Gusti Gede Vikranta, John Paul Patton and Rey Marshall, KPR said that they had explored a lot in the mini album, which was aided by Jaya, ex Roxx guitarist. "We merged some elements into one psychedelic, pop, krautrock, to space rock," Viki said [drum] through a press release.

According to KPR, the 'Galaksi Palapa' had a strong concept from the start. Departing from the idea of three people who have a mission to explore outer space in order to find a new galaxy, they also had time to make a documentary some time ago, titled 'Menuju Galaksi Palapa'. "Menuju Galaksi Palapa' is a documentary created by Hasbi Sipahutar, capturing the KPR process while working on the mini album 'Galaksi Palapa'. It is a kind of pre-release promo 'Galaksi Palapa'," said KPR.

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